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     About Katcha...   

 Katcha Burnett is one of Intero's founding agents, a multi-year Chairman's Circle award (top 1%)  winner, and has achieved the #1 agent status worldwide in a company of thousands.  Ms.  Burnett is well known for her knowledge of and experience in preparing, marketing, and selling  fine  homes and properties throughout California.  Katcha usually carries a healthy inventory of  "pocket"  listings, not on the MLS, for clients interested in buying and selling 'quietly.'  Ms.  Burnett has more  than 30 years experience having trained in and developed innovative  marketing and sales strategies in Silicon Valley. Katcha fine tunes her sales skills 'with the best', and most recently studied Advanced Negotiation Skills at Harvard University. 
Katcha's passion and success is related to staging homes, contract negotiations, using the internet as a tool to draw multiple buyers to her listings, outside-the-box marketing techniques, and proactively selling homes through networking and personal contact  "...getting out there and working the old fashioned way."  Katcha was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, spent her later youth living on a 40 acre farm in Oregon, and resides in the Morgan Hill area.  She has a daughter in the UC system and another who is an actress in Los Angeles. Ms. Burnett lists property throughout California, works with buyers of California property on referral, maintains offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, and places and receives referrals worldwide through her own networks, 408 Estates Group (Northern California) and 805 Estates Group (Southern California).  Katcha has sold hundreds of homes and her Estates Group has referred single sales as large as $10M.  
You may contact Katcha directly for a complimentary confidential consultation
at 408-802-6222 (San Francisco Bay Area)

A sampling from hundreds of Katcha's listings, sales, and referrals...
Sold Address withheld $13,500,000 Sold Solano Verde Drive $2,570,000
Sold Oak Glen Avenue $2,550,000 Sold Old La Honda Road $2,500,000
Sold Heritage Way $2,475,000 Sold Lakeview Drive $2,350,000
Sold Lakeview Drive $1,950,000 Sold Lesley Lane $1,701,000
Sold Columbet Avenue $1,500,000 Sold Foothill Avenue $1,699,000
Sold Herirtage Way $1,400,000 Sold Columbet Avenue $1,449,000
Sold Camino Valles $1,390,000 Sold Jean Court $1,399,000
Sold Kennebec Court $1,325,000 Sold Guibal Avenue $1,350,000
Sold Ridgeview Court $1,268,000 Sold Via Castana Court $1,300,000
Sold Serene Drive $1,249,000 Sold Wilford Way $1,259,000
Sold Paul Revere Drive $1,090,000 Sold Sherry Lane $1,150,000
Sold Native Dancer Drive $1,050,000 Sold Serene Drive $1,075,000
Sold Arcade Avenue $990,000 Sold Elm Road $1,070,000
Sold Glenn Canyon Court $944,500 Sold Oscar Court $1,000,005
Sold Hill Road $880,000 Sold Apennies Circle $980,000
Sold Via Sorrento $850,000 Sold Malbec Drive $913,800
Sold Elkhorn Court $836,000 Sold Sparhawk Drive $855,000
Sold White Cloud Court $820,000 Sold Mazzone Drive $850,000
Sold Woodland Avenue $785,000 Sold Sierra Avenida $821,000
Sold Oak Park Drive $780,000 Sold Via Sorrento $804,000
Sold Greenpark Way $760,000 Sold Center Avenue $785,000
Sold Sobrato Drive $750,000 Sold Shadowbrook Way $769,000
Sold Croner Place $710,000 Sold Alamaden Road $755,000
Sold Arbor Street $700,000 Sold Valley Vista Drive $731,000
      Sold St. Lawrence Drive $706,000

About Intero Real Estate Services Inc.

Established in October 2002, Intero Real Estate Services Inc, has quickly become one of the premier real estate brands in the country. Today Intero encompasses more than 2,000 agents in more than 40 offices serving the California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Mexico. Intero is one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the history of the industry.  In June 2014 Intero Real Estate Services Inc. became affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway 





Intero Real Estate Services, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate

Katcha Burnett "Katcha B."
Realtor®;  Harvard University trained in negotiations

License Number: 01367494